Friday, October 29, 2010

Hugs for heartbreak.

They say it's a womens perogitive to change her mind so much correct? But what about men? Why is it that they don't have an excuse? They do it just as often as women, maybe on different matters but it still all comes down to the same objective.

To me there shouldnt be ANY excuses period. I just keep thinking about how men get hurt way worse then most women but they never say anything from fear of being made fun of for being "soft". Why is it "soft" to feel pain when someone steps all over your feelings? Is it really "soft" if you cry when someone up and decides to use their womenly rights to "change their mind" so quickly?

I think all the men need as much sympathy and amount of hugs as women do, so find your guy friend wherever her may be and give him a big hug for all the heartbreak he's been through. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bricks and Playdoh.

I've been waiting for so long to find the answers to all my questions. For example what is true love? when will I have have it? how will I get it? Then the most important question once I find it what do I do with it?

True love must be a mold of some kind, it must shape itself to fit you're every need in another person. I wonder if that's what's so appealing about play-doh, to know that you can take something and make it your very own "thing" just whatever you want it to be. Can you really make love whatever you want it to be though? Or is it just surrounded in play-doh until you reach the hard and stable surface; a brick of which we call "the relationship"?

Molding things and mushy substances seem to be more intriguing then hard grounded surfaces such as brick. The thought of being able to have freedom with what you're doing is always going to be easier and more exciting. The hard part would have to be finding and keeping that excitement once you've found that brick in the core of all the play-doh. If you can do that and keep happiness is that love? Is that a relationship?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Updation of information. :p

My sisters babeh shower is this sundayyy, i've been wicked busy getting everything ready. Yup thats about all...kbai. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

You don't and I do.

You don't own me, you can't change me.
You don't need me, and you really can't see me.
I don't own you, i don't want you.
I don't need you, but i can't help but truly see you.
You make the wrong move, I watch you fall.
I make the wrong move, You laugh with your head held tall.
Nothings ever good enough from me to you.
But somehow everything bliss from you to me.

(Not even a good poem i just felt like writting something from a womens perspective of a blind love.)

Poetically Murderous.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh BabyD! :)

I just got home not the long ago after going on a little adventure to walmart with my parents. On the way home we picked up some cute little invitations for my sisters baby shower. She's having a little boy, he's due on the 26th of October! She had to have a cerlage put in which is where they stich up your cervix to keep it from opening. We still have a lot of planning to do, the baby shower is going to be a few weeks before they take the cerlage out which is at 35 weeks. Her baby is dated as of right now August 22, right between her 30th and her 31st week. We're going to have it at this cute little boat house right on the water! Baby everything for the decorations hopefully! I love looking at the little ultrasound pictures heres the latest of BabyD! Thats little Daniels nickname! Well i'll ttyl lovelies.

Poetically Murderous.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The little blogger and her family. :)

Okay so like i promised im going to write about the rest of my family. Well i have two sisters both are older then me, the oldest is 27 (Annie) and the other is 24 (Shannon). Annie (the oldest) just got married as of June 27th 2010, she's no longer Anne Marie Smith she is now Anne Marie Capezza. The wedding was great i think we all had a lot of fun planning it AND enjoying the day. My sister Shannon was the maid of honor, she's around 24 weeks pregnant right now and everythings looking good. She had a few problems at first but he's a tough little dude. Victor (her boyfriend) works during the day so i go over there a lot lately to help her AND little Daniel out. Yup that's right he's going to be named after my father and have Victor as his middle name. My father works around the same hours as Vic, which is well basiclly they both come home around six at night i don't really remember who goes in when. Lol, they both have two completely different jobs though. My father works with computers a lot, im not sure exactly what he does but everything has initials. He even brings home work with him sometimes when he couldnt finsih there. Theres always a lot to be done, but everyone always seems to find a way in this house to getsome quality time in front of the tv and watch your typical family shows. Everyone except my two sisters of course they both moved out a while ago. Now it's just my parents me and the pets. We have two cats and two dogs, all the smaller breeds but bigger in size. We love the big little dogs, just because they're all the more to love. I got my cat when i was around 14 i believe i cleverly named her baby she's been the best cat anyone can ask for. The other cats name is miss piggy my sisters picked her out of a litter then a cat we had before gave birth to. They chose the fattest one so they knew it would be the healthiest hence the name miss piggy. Lol, our two dogs are a pomeranian and a pug. The pug i got for my 16th birthday as a bday present from my family, he's the biggest and happiest pug i've ever seen. Last but not least the pomeranian, she's my mommas shes been around for 13 years. She's got the biggest attitude for a little dog, she's never really liked me but i can't hold it against her shes to old. But it's really no wonder why we call her sassy, always barking up a storm for no good reason. Well that's my family two sisters, both parents, two cats and two dogs. I think im going to go see if i can catch some of those typical family shows i was talking about earlier. Ttyl lovelies. :)

Poetically Murderous.

Shiny and "Hot". (No im not a perv keep reading.)

I'm sorry to all the people who hate twilight, but i really am a fan. I'm not liking the fact that I've been neglecting it because a lot of people i know hate on it. That's def not cool of me, SO I'm just going rant a little bit on my opinions of twilight.

I've never read the books part of me really doesn't want to, i think it might spoil the movie to much for me. I'm one of those people who either hates the movies or the books. I can't love the both, but i can certainly hate them both. Haha, i think it's a really good storyline, but like some of the things when the vampires shine in the sunlight. Yeah that just throws me off, but i guess it wouldn't have a high audience rate if the movie was all at night and dark. So i will continue making fun of the big scary vampires for that.

The werewolves now they're definitely really good with the cgi. As far as the whole "oh I'm to hot so i need to keep my shirt off thing" that throws me off for the movie and books too. I mean really? just because you're a shape shifter you have to be really hot? I don't think so if anything I'd be a little cold all the time shedding those clothes and skin. Trust me I'm all for Taylor Lautner and all those other cute guys havin' their shirts off but sometimes it's just a little to much.

Here is one fact you all need to hear i know most of you twi-hard fans already know it. Bella is a dunce who really does nothing more then be obsessed with two guys. She's a cheater, an idiot for even talking to vampire and werewolves and definitely does not deserve the fictional love of a: "Cgi, really "hot" werewolf", or a "Hey look at me i shine in the sunlight vampire."

Like i said I'm sorry, i still love the story i think it's a great movie all and all. I really must say I've developed a crush on both the leading boys on false pretenses. So enjoy the crushes, the loves, the fights, and the shiny vampires and "hot" werewolves. I'll ttyl lovelies. :)

Poetically Murderous.